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Thank You for contacting Our Planet Recycling for your recycling needs and giving us the opportunity to serve you.

We encourage drop-offs at our location.

Drop-offs at Our Planet Recycling on 1235 Activity Dr. Ste:A in Vista are still Free!

We Do Not Accept nor Pick-up - Paint, Chemicals, Light Bulbs, Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Trash, Hazardous Materials

Recycling Stewardship

A Message From Shad Hunziker of Our Planet Recycling
Shad Hunziker
  • Recycling is a fun part of my life. It keeps me connected to the growing needs of our community, and the international community as well.
  • There are hundreds of millions of tons of recyclable material, in our communities, being discarded into land-fills every year. Someday we will have to mine them to get our natural resources back.
  • The challenge is stewardship - it takes a conscious effort by all consumers and homeowners to dispose of recyclable material properly. We at, ourplanetrecycling, want to offer our assistance in the proper disposal of planet unfriendly material. It takes a community effort to recycle and reclaim properly
  • There are State and Federal Laws pertaining to environmental stewardship. Ultimately, proper handling and disposal is the responsibility of the person possessing TVs, CRTs, Monitors, e-Waste, Printers, Computers, Radios, and anything that uses electricity or electronics.
  • Call me before you toss it. I will find someone to give it to, and if it is too difficult to find a new home, I will assist or advise in disposal options.
  • I understand there may be some difficult situations with regard to regulations - however, there is always a solution.
  • I, Shad W. Hunziker, want to do my part. If you call me to make an appointment, I will share with you my resources freely. Many needs are best addressed in person.

Shad W. Hunziker
Our Planet Recycling